Catherine trained as an artist in both Paris and Florence accumulating a solid basis of draughtsmanship on which to base her now instantly recognisable style of dramatic light and movement.  She is one of the foremost sporting artists in the UK, with works in many notable collections. She Is represented by several galleries, and is consistently  picked to show in prestigious juried exhibitions. She takes on a limited number of commissions a year, please contact her to enquire.

Catherine currently has work in the following galleries;

  • Osborne Studio Gallery, London
  • Bell Fine Art, Winchester
  • Signet Contemporary Fine Art, London
  • The Gallery at Burford, Oxfordshire
  • House of Bruar, Scotland
  • Aubrey Gallery, Essex

Artist’s Statement

​I love to paint animals, always have, and feel very privileged that I now make my living from doing so. In my current phase of work I aim to explore the movement of animals, and develop a distinctive use of colour and brushwork.

There is a very simple joy in the observation of animals, in their uncomplicated joy of small things, or their unconscious beauty. I aim to explore this in my work, from the light-hearted pieces of jumping dogs, to the more traditional works portraying the majesty of the big cats.

I try in my art, to lift the viewer’s heart a little, and I hope to make work that is accessible to all, and to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary.  I am obsessed with colour in my work, echoing the colours and patterns of the animal I have chosen to paint in bolder combinations in the background. I find the intensity of patch of pure pigment, cadmium orange next to deep purple in a tiger’s coat, for example, is far more interesting than a faithfully lifelike representation of colour.

3 things you may not know about Catherine;

a) She’s tri-lingual. Quadrilingual if you include ‘Doric’ (most don’t)

b) She lived on a boat for a large part of her childhood. Between Aberdeen and Fiji.

c) She can do mirrorwriting. Yes, like Leonardo Da Vinci – it’s a left hander thing.