ShepherdI love this wistful old fashioned image of a shepherd, his dog, and some feisty sheep. This lino cut was
A very productive weekend in Scotland, taking photos of some fantastic Highland Cattle, and for another commission, which will be
One very lively committee meeting the other night - 30 artists in a room is always going to be pretty sparky,
It's that time of year - I get asked to a lot of portraits for xmas presents. This is actually
The lovely Jenny Ferrarese has set up a shop for her fantastic Argentinian leather goods in Ascot and I've contributed
Another couple of paintings that are finally up in the House of Bruar, The rather lovely stag is the
ALL GONE.....but I have ordered another print run, so should have more by the beginning of next week. They can
Three new paintings on their way to the gallery! These were the result of the ill fated trip to Aberdeenshire;
Been a while since I posted, but hopefully will be more regular from now on. I have been experimenting with
Ah, the delight of opening an envelope masquerading as a bill only to find a hefty cheque inside! My scottish
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