I frequently lecture to art groups, schools and colleges. I have a series of lectures institutions can select from, largely geared towards the upper end of school, college students and art groups.

‘Business for Artists’

The topics covered include:


Presentation of artist and work.


Social media

Finances & Tax

Gallery & client relationships

‘Progressing an idea from concept to completion’

This lecture takes students through the process of developing an idea from a given concept to a complete work. This is aimed towards helping students develop a structured process to evolve their ideas beyond copying to creating their own, original work. I also cover the basics of copyright and using reference material.

‘A career in the arts’

The purpose of this lecture is to inspire those that may be considering a career in the arts and to give them a chance to question me as to the pros and cons of working in the art world. The career paths within the art world are many, varied and often very rewarding, both personally and financially, but sadly are often overlooked in favour of more traditional professions.

“Colour Theory”

This lecture can be geared towards solely artists, or more broadly for any creative industry. I take you through the basics of colour theory, how essential a basic grasp of the principles are, and widely they can be applied.