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Been a while since I posted, but hopefully will be more regular from now on.
I have been experimenting with linocuts recently, and have produced four images that are working well. They are going to be part of a series of british mammals. So far we have Hare, Fox, Squirrel and Badger.
Each one will be a limited edition of ten. I’m really enjoying this medium, although it is very time consuming, being able to produce small editions makes them more affordable than a one off work. So they are priced at £125 framed, and on sale through my website.

2 thoughts on “Linocuts

  1. Hiya! This for replying to my post on the artists forum 🙂 . Love your blog, nice to have a look at how someone who knows what they're doing does it! I wondered, where did you get your lino from to make these?


  2. I probably bought them from Jacksons art supplies – i get nearly everything online from there.

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