Catherine Ingleby is one of the foremost sporting artists in the UK, annually represented in exhibitions worldwide, with works in many notable private collections, including that of HM the Queen, and several prominent racing stables.

Consistently selected for prestigious juried exhibitions, Catherine takes pride in her role as a partner artist to the David Shepherd Wildlife Trust, where her passion for wildlife conservation shines through her regular donation of artworks to support fundraising efforts.

Having honed her craft through years of training in Paris and Florence, Catherine has built a strong foundation in draughtsmanship, which serves as the cornerstone for her distinctive style characterized by dynamic light and movement. Now based in her Berkshire studio, she dedicates herself fully to her art, surrounded by a menagerie of pets that inspire and accompany her creative process.


Contact Catherine

Catherine undertakes a limited amount of commissions a year, some are formal portraits, others action paintings of sports horses or dogs. Please contact her directly to discuss the commission process.

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Artist’s Statement

I’ve always had a deep love for painting and feel incredibly fortunate to now make my living through my art. In my current artistic phase, I’m dedicated to exploring movement and developing a distinct style through my use of colour and brushwork.

Catherine aged five – all I did was draw.  We lived on a boat and sailed from Aberdeen to New Zealand.

In my art, I endeavor to uplift the viewer’s spirit and create work that resonates with everyone, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary styles. My fascination with colour drives my creative process, over the past decade or so I have devoted much time to the ongoing study of colour theory, applying the principles to my own work. My aim is not to replicate life in sharp realism, but rather to delve into the realm of colour and explore its potential in evoking mood and atmosphere in my paintings.

3 things you may not know about Catherine;

a) She’s tri-lingual. Quadrilingual if you include ‘Doric’

b) A significant portion of her childhood was spent living on a boat, traveling between Aberdeen and Fiji.

c) She can do mirror-writing. Yes, like Leonardo Da Vinci – it’s a left-hander thing.


Catherine is an accomplished art writer, featured in prestigious magazines. Her articles range from practical painting tips to scholarly discussions on color theory, inspiring fellow artists to improve their skills and understanding of art