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Christmas commissions

It’s that time of year – I get asked to a lot of portraits for xmas presents. This is actually one of my favourite jobs, painting dogs of all shapes and sizes, although some are definitely more challenging than others!
This one was an especially pretty spaniel, and is a companion piece to a painting the client bought from a gallery some years ago.

It’s just drying out, then will be packaged up and sent.

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Polo paintings for Pampeano

The lovely Jenny Ferrarese has set up a shop for her fantastic Argentinian leather goods in Ascot and I’ve contributed a couple of prints to adorn the walls.

The first is a print of a charcoal, the original of which was sold to a buyer in the states.

The second is a relief print, hand printed by me, in an edition of twelve. This means that each one is an original in its own right as no two will be the same. I recently became the proud owner of an ancient acme mangle – which makes the most perfect printing press. I’ve had a lot of fun recently doing lino cuts, after an enlightening evening at the Robert Gillmor Retrospective exhibition at museum of Reading. Fascinating, and a testament to the powers of human concentration and patience!

I then did a brief course with Cath Baldwin which was enlightening – mostly that I was doing a lot wrong, great day though.

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More stag paintings

Another couple of paintings that are finally up in the House of Bruar,
The rather lovely stag is the same one that I painted a few years ago, his name is Angus and he belongs to the Falconry Center near Huntly. He’s as tame as a pet lab, and will do anything for a bit of stale bread! In fact, I think he’s looking a bit fat. In this painting he’s still in velvet, which he’ll lose in the next few months, as they come into the rutting season.
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XMAS CARDS SOLD OUT!! (But more coming!)

ALL GONE…..but I have ordered another print run, so should have more by the beginning of next week. They can be ordered through
£4.95 for a pack of ten, inc envelopes.
I was reading the Famille Summerbelle blog this morning, always inspirational, and always puzzled as to how she finds the time!
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Recent Work

Three new paintings on their way to the gallery! These were the result of the ill fated trip to Aberdeenshire; while sketching the cattle I jumped out of the landie and broke my ankle…which made for a quieter summer than planned.
This wonderful brindle highland bull is called Aeonghus. I have been on the hunt for a bull like this for years, travelling all over scotland – then discovered him barely a mile fro my parents house!

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Been a while since I posted, but hopefully will be more regular from now on.
I have been experimenting with linocuts recently, and have produced four images that are working well. They are going to be part of a series of british mammals. So far we have Hare, Fox, Squirrel and Badger.
Each one will be a limited edition of ten. I’m really enjoying this medium, although it is very time consuming, being able to produce small editions makes them more affordable than a one off work. So they are priced at £125 framed, and on sale through my website.
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Ah, the delight of opening an envelope masquerading as a bill only to find a hefty cheque inside! My scottish agent sold this painting last week, which will fund a few projects plus yet more baby clobber…the list of ‘stuff’ that he needs is endless! However wedging him upright in the bath with a sponge is no longer working so non-slip bathmat is top of the list.
The gallery would like me to do a similar painting, though red deer are a little harder to come by in Berkshire, especially with a 10 week old baby in tow. I did a series of stag paintings when I was last up in Aberdeenshire, visiting my family. I also have a lot of unfinished Highland Cow projects, they got to the sketch stage and no further. I don’t think the ornamental deer in Windsor Great Park will have quite the same appeal!