The lovely Jenny Ferrarese has set up a shop for her fantastic Argentinian leather goods in Ascot and I’ve contributed a couple of prints to adorn the walls.

The first is a print of a charcoal, the original of which was sold to a buyer in the states.

The second is a relief print, hand printed by me, in an edition of twelve. This means that each one is an original in its own right as no two will be the same. I recently became the proud owner of an ancient acme mangle – which makes the most perfect printing press. I’ve had a lot of fun recently doing lino cuts, after an enlightening evening at the Robert Gillmor Retrospective exhibition at museum of Reading. Fascinating, and a testament to the powers of human concentration and patience!

I then did a brief course with Cath Baldwin which was enlightening – mostly that I was doing a lot wrong, great day though.