Ah, the delight of opening an envelope masquerading as a bill only to find a hefty cheque inside! My scottish agent sold this painting last week, which will fund a few projects plus yet more baby clobber…the list of ‘stuff’ that he needs is endless! However wedging him upright in the bath with a sponge is no longer working so non-slip bathmat is top of the list.
The gallery would like me to do a similar painting, though red deer are a little harder to come by in Berkshire, especially with a 10 week old baby in tow. I did a series of stag paintings when I was last up in Aberdeenshire, visiting my family. I also have a lot of unfinished Highland Cow projects, they got to the sketch stage and no further. I don’t think the ornamental deer in Windsor Great Park will have quite the same appeal!